No Gym, No Problem: Keep Fit During Coronavirus With This Home Workout

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Gyms closing, shelves stripped of chicken breast and rice, the growing dread that you might have to start doing cardio.

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to get between serious lifters and their gains.

Putting things in perspective, there are many far more pressing issues and vulnerable groups suffering due to the spread of the coronavirus. But for lifters who view fitness as therapy and feel happiest grinding out heavy sets of back squats, coronavirus is also having an impact.

While we know plenty of serious lifters would still find a way to hit the gym even if they lived in a Mad Max style wasteland, many might have the decision taken out of their hands if more lockdowns are enforced. Many more are also embracing social distancing, avoiding public spaces and generally limiting their movement to flatten the curve and ease the burden on the healthcare system.

But whether you’re social distancing or self-isolating, you can still hit high-intensity workouts at home and keep your training on track, thanks to fitness apps offering a bevy of bodyweight workouts.

While there mightn’t be a barbell or battle rope in sight, bodyweight workouts are still super functional, and have the added benefit of being gentle on your joints!

We’ve teamed up with Ryderwear and PUSHH athlete Jenna Lousie to create this full-body home workout to target all muscle groups and keep you healthy while housebound!

Circuit 1

4 Rounds

Handstand Wall Hold: 0:20

Banded Front Squat: 20 Reps

DB Alternating SA Snatch: 20 Reps

Body Drops: 20 Reps

Circuit 2

4 Rounds

Elevated Glute Bridge: 15 Reps

Box Jump: 10 Reps

Reverse Caterpillar: 10 Reps

Double Pumpers: 30 Reps

Circuit 3

4 Rounds

Mountain Climbers: 80 Reps

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