Which Ryderwear Sports Bra is Right For Me?

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Picking the right sports bra is a skill. What level of support do I need? What is the difference between all levels? Different exercises need different levels??? Do I go for the pretty one? Or the one that is more plain? Will the bright patterns go with the rest of my gym wardrobe? What does a keyhole back even mean??? 

So. Many. Questions. 

But don’t worry, we’ve got you and we are going to simplify this as much as we can.

Rule number one, when it comes to sports bra, comfort over everything else. Making sure you pick the correct sizing is important. We ALWAYS have our sizing charts on our site, and it pays to measure yourself to make sure that you’ve got the right size. 

Our in house Fashion Design Team have broken down what sports bras are more suited for certain movements and style of training. No matter what type of training you do there is something for everyone. 

There are three different categories that we have popped our sports bras in to ensure that it is clear as day. 

Let’s get into it!

We’ll start with our Base Level support bras A comfortable essential perfect for everyday wear and low impact activities.

We recommend these for activities like: Walking, LISS, recovery/stretch sessions, and studio classes like pilates.

Common features of these bras typically include:

  • Narrow straps (self-fabric) 
  • Seamless
  • Low neckline

And they will always have removable padding! 

If this is your vibe, you can shop the options here: 

Our Animal Instincts, Oasis Seamless, Lunar, and Geo Seamless are some great examples of our Base Level support to start off with! 


Next up, level 2 is what we call High Level, and these up the ante with support. They are designed to offer a more compressive fit and additional support for mid-intensity workouts.

These are perfect for weight training, resistance training and cycling. For those that like a happy medium, this is the sports bra for you. 

Common features include:

  • Wider straps (self-fabric or elastic) 
  • Adjustable straps
  • Wide waistband/longline
  • Crossover back/racer back styles
  • Seamless

And these will always have removable padding too!

Are you queen of the weights and resistance training? Then you’ll be needing one (or all) of these: 

Needing a happy medium? Check out Freestyle Seamless, NKD, and Courtside


Now for our Next Level Support bras. These are our toughest, more supportive bras that offer the utmost compression. Being our most supportive sports bra (your best friend through high intensity sweat sessions), they are perfect for cardio, HIIT, jogging, and boxing.

Common features are:

  • Wide waistband/longline 

And these bras will always have:

  • Wide elastic straps
  • Adjustable straps
  • Crossover back/racer back styles
  • Removable padding


To shop for the ultimate support, you'll be looking at Collide, Lunar, BFCAMO SPORTS BRA


We hope that clears it up! Whether you’re sweating it out at a HIIT circuit or doing a heavy weight session, there’s a bra for every type of exercise. 

You can also find what level of support the bra has in all of the descriptions on our website as well.