5 Tips For Keeping Fit This Festive Season

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We’re all about living our best life through fitness but sometimes that can be a little tricky around the festive season. The holidays are spent catching up with family and friends as opposed to sweating it out in the squat rack. You’ve probably substituted your usual brown rice and poached chicken with an overflowing plate of Christmas goodies - and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

If you’ve worked hard throughout the year on your gains and are concerned about eating and drinking it all away over the festive season, have no fear because we’ve got a few helpful tips that will keep you active and mindful over the holiday season. 

0.1 Keep moving, however you can
We’re not saying you need to smash out an epic HITT session after every meal you devour over the festive period, but breaking up meals with walks or perhaps fitting in a quick 20-minute session now and then will help you stay conditioned during the break and your digestive system happy. Did you know that physical activity “increases blood flow to the muscles in the digestive system, which massages our food along the digestive tract - a process known as peristalsis”. So the more you move, the less you’ll suffer in your inevitable food coma. 
It can be hard to prioritise fitness over the Christmas break, so it’s good to be realistic about what is achievable around your holiday schedule. Walks are a great way of staying active and still spending quality time with family and friends all while getting some fresh air and some vitamin D.

So whether you're braving a cold winter or sweating it out like us for an Aussie summer Christmas, outdoor activities can be a fun way of incorporating fitness into your holiday schedule. Perhaps try some winter sports like skating, skiing (cross country or slope style) to keep active if you can’t make it to the gym. Or if you’re in a warmer climate , try and swim off some of your Christmas lunch if you're near a beach or a pool, go for a bike ride (if it’s not too hot) or even some competitive Finska to keep you and your family active and fit over the holiday break. 

02. Watch your alcohol intake 
Just because that delicious cabernet sauvignon can go down like a glass of water during the festive season doesn’t mean it contains the calories of water (sad reacts only). Often we can forget the high amount of sugar and calories that alcohol contains, especially when they’re so tasty. Try and opt for low sugar alternatives or just keep tabs on how many drinks you have consumed - remember you don’t have to drink Uncle Tony under the table. If alcohol isn’t for you, try opting for low sugar or no sugar soft drink alternatives. We won’t judge you if you sneak in a little full cream egg nog in though. 

03. Drink your water
Remember to drink plenty of water and keep your fluids up during the festivities. Water can not only help suppress your appetite but it can also help flush out some of those not-so-good toxins in your body from irregular eating habits. If you have had one too many breakfast mimosas before the festivities, there’s even more reasons to keep hitting the waters. As we know alcohol is a diuretic so you lose more water than you take in when you're drinking and therefore can become dehydrated. Keep a water bottle, or glass of water around you and insight so you're reminded to keep your fluids up in between alcoholic drinks - you’ll thank yourself on Boxing Day. 

04. Catch up on your rest 
If you’re not working or committing to your usual day-to-day routine, this can be an excellent time to slow your body down and catch up on some much needed rest and recovery. We’re not saying that that’s your ticket out of helping with the Christmas cooking and clean up, but generally this time of the year is crazy enough. Between finishing off work commitments for the year, tackling those manic Christmas crowds to find the perfect gifts and attending all those holiday parties with friends, colleagues and alike - it’s a perfect recipe for a burnout. It’s a good time to rest and recharge for your new year of new gains. Remember sleep is crucial for your gains with nearly all of your growth hormone (the essential hormone for muscle building) is produced during the nighttime while you’re sleeping, during a phase of sleep called SWS (Slow Wave Sleep)”.

05. Enjoy yourself 

The most important tip that we can give you this festive season is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Tis the season of a little more indulgence, so go easy on yourself and enjoy this time with your family and friends.

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