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Designed to provide you with greater ankle support and power, our range of weightlifting shoes are made for lifters, by lifters.

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As a serious bodybuilder, you know that your power base comes from your lower body. The stability of your footing is critical to your lifting success. That’s why your choice of bodybuilding lifting shoes is so important.

But, just how do weightlifting shoes improve your gym performance?

And where can you find the best quality, sharpest priced men’s and women’s bodybuilding weightlifting shoes?

Benefits of Lifting Shoes

Whether you’re doing an overhead lift or squatting, compression is your enemy. You don’t want any squishiness in the heel that could negate the force that you are generating. That’s why squatting shoes need to have a firm heel.

Bodybuilding shoes with a firm heel will also allow you to be more straight up and down when you are squatting. This prevents the rounded back and improperly aligned ankles which is common to so many squatters. Flat-heeled shoes will allow for greater balance, which avoids the potential dangers of tipping over under the heavy iron.

If you have limited ankle mobility, squat shoes for men and women are going to be your best friend. They will allow you to have an upright torso. If you train in the powerlifting moves with running shoes, you will definitely lose some power in the press due to the compression effect of the softer heel of the powerlifting shoes.

A good pair of weightlifting shoes will cost you between $125-$175. However, they should last you for about ten years. When you break that down, that’s not a bad investment to provide you with the advantages to your performance, power and technique that we’ve described. After all, just one wrong move due to incorrect torso alignment when squatting with decent poundage could see you visiting the chiropractor every week for six months – and that will set you back way more than a hundred and seventy-five bucks!

What to Look For in a Lifting Shoe

- Flat Soles

- Firm Heels

- High Tops

- Stability

- Solid foot lock

What Makes Ryderwear the Right Choice?

With a thin sole helping to keep you as close to the ground as possible, our weightlifting shoes will improve your lifts by providing better stability, which means better form and overall results. At Ryderwear, real bodybuilders and powerlifters design, build and trial real powerlifting shoes, squatting shoes, and deadlift shoes. We know what you need because we live it  - and love it - too!

Our D-Mak series is the best weighlifting shoe for bodybuilding and powerlifting. Featuring premium leather, durable canvas, premium PU material, padded ankle support, a flat sole, latex heel cushioning and a Hightop profile, the D-Mak is built to perform. It will provide you with the firmness and support you need to bring it on every rep of every set you perform.

The D-Mak II is an evolutionary advancement of the original D-Mak that features new customized trilateral eyelits and an embossed knit body. Lace up a pair of D-Mak II’s to take your training to the next level.

Check out what a recent purchaser said about the D-Mak II . . .

Ryderwear’s premium bodybuilding lifting shoe is the result of a collaboration with the most enigmatic and popular bodybuilder on the planet – the Kai Greene Signature Series. This limited edition squatting, deadlifting and powerlifting shoe has been engineered from the ground up in direct consultation with the Predator himself. And no one knows what goes into the perfect bodybuilding training shoe more than Kai Greene!

Each pair of Kai Greene Signature Series shoes comes with a limited edition keepsake shoebox complete with Kai’s signature. Your only problem will be in deciding whether to wear them for lifting or keep them in a box as a keepsake!

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FAQ About Weightlifting Shoes

Do weightlifting shoes make a difference? Good weightlifting shoes will make a difference by improving your power on certain lifts. Due to the tough, flat sole, you’ll be able to exert more force through the ground, enabling you to lift more.

What makes a good weightlifting shoe? The best weightlifting shoes have a number of features in common, including:

  • a solid, flat sole
  • no pain, discomfort, or numbness when wearing the shoe
  • an unrestrictive and comfortable fit
  • anti-slip bottoms for maximum traction
  • adequate ankle support

Are weightlifting shoes worth it? Weightlifting shoes are worth it if you’re looking to add a few more kilos to your squat and deadlift while maintaining proper form and ensuring ankle stability and overall posture.

What shoes should I squat in? The best squatting shoes feature a thin, flat rubber sole with heel cushioning, ensuring maximum support for squats and deadlifts. This type of squatting shoe will get you closer to the ground, providing lockdown and maximum power and drive in your lifts. This ensures correct form when lifting.