5 Tips For The Ultimate Pre-Workout Ritual

Posted by Ryderwear HQ on

Preparation comes before performance.

Anyone passionate about the gym knows your workout starts well before you set foot in the squat rack. Whether it’s a protein shake or visualising before a PB, having a consistent pre-workout ritual can take your training sessions from basic to best ever.

Having a unique pre-training ritual energises you, keeps you focused and flips a switch that gets you into the training mindset before your workout, whether you’re training at home or hitting the gym.

Check out these five Ryderwear athlete-approved habits you can add to your gym routine for the ultimate pre-workout ritual!

1. Tune In
Listening to music is a surefire way to get your head in the zone before you work out, especially if you can find those 4-5 songs that get you pumped every time on your pre-training transit. Check out these Ryderwear playlists for our top training tracks.

2. Pass the salt
Adding ¼ teaspoon of high-quality Himalayan salt to your pre workout meal or shake can benefit your sweat session while also giving you a pump that makes you the envy of the squat rack. Sodium helps retain fluid in the body, assisting you in avoiding the effects of dehydration like fatigue, muscle weakness and slower recovery.

3. Hydrate
Keeping hydrated should always be at the top of your pre training to-do list. Not drinking enough water can negatively affect your performance in the gym, especially if you have a tough sweat session lined up. Hitting the gym with just a 2-3% level of under-hydration can reduce strength by at least 2%, power by 3% and high-intensity endurance by 10%. Remember to start this ritual ealy: drinking water just starts the hydration process, and it takes time for the water to reach all parts of your body.

4. Visualise
Visualising yourself hitting that PB or crushing your sweat session can lead to a better workout. We even dedicated a blog to getting mentally ready for the gym, which you can find here!

Visualising is also a great way of eliminating distractions. When you’re distracted by your work and social life, you can end up half-heartedly going through the motions at the gym, focusing on replying to DM’s instead of deadlifts. For a next-level workout, switch off your messaging and social media apps so it’s just you, your playlists and the weights.

5. Throw on your favourite gear
It’s hard to get motivated for your session if your gym gear looks more worn out than you. The right workout wear should empower you to hit the squat rack with confidence, and support your performance with lightweight, flexible fabrics that help you move without restriction. Check out the high-performance pieces from Ryderwear here.