A Day In the Life of A Ryderwear Athlete: Kwame Duah

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Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Ryderwear athlete looks like? How they manage to get their training in, what they eat, and how they fit in their jobs? Look no further, Ryderwear athlete Kwame Duah (@kwameduah) has taken us through what is typical day looks like. Keep reading to find out his routine!


7:00AM - Wake up

I usually have a warm glass of  lemon water + 1 shot of apple cider vinegar about half an hour before my first meal. I try to this every morning to routine”

8.30AM - Meal 1 and training prep 


“I'll have my first meal which is usually oats with protein and some fruit.

I'll go through my emails after my first meal and then start getting ready for my training. I sometimes like to have my training planned or have a good idea of what I'm doing for the session. That way I'm also mentally prepared.

And if I’m still struggling, I always go back to my goals. I always make sure I set goals that are big enough to motivate me and get me excited to pursue them. That way, when I'm feeling lazy, all I have to do is think about how great it is going to be when I achieve that goal.


Being prepared to train means I have to select activewear I feel comfortable with. Lucky I have that all covered with Ryderwear. Comfort is a huge part while I train which Ryderwear offers, but even better the shoes I wear are such a big thing for me based on what I'm training. I'm reliant on my D- Maks a lot especially when it comes to days like leg day where I'm squatting or deadlifting but also providing great style and comfort which I guess is a win-win for me.”


10:30 AM: Training time - Chest and cardio

I usually like to warm up on a treadmill with a slow walk before I start my resistance training. I find it's a great time that allows me to think about my goals/why I'm there training or “get into the zone “ to smash an epic workout.

Sometimes I split cardio and resistance, for example I could go for a walk at an earlier or later time. Today I did chest, and it looked like this: 


Barbell bench press rep range 25, 15, 10, 8
(4 sets total)

Incline Dumbbell Bench press  10 -  12 reps x 6 sets
Increase weight after each set

Incline Dumbbell flys x 12 reps superset with plate squeezes x 12 reps x 4 sets

Cable crossover flys x 12-15 reps (squeeze for 1 second at the peak of the movement ) x 5 sets 


I also like to make sure that I’m kitted up properly in something functional when I train. Right now I'm really loving the Block range!

12:00PM- Protein shake/post workout snack 

“This is super important for recovery! 


One thing I love to do daily is take time and appreciate all the good things in my life. I find that way I don't take things for granted and have honestly played a great role in my life and how happy I am.”

12:30PM - Meal 2


“Today for lunch I had beef mince, turkish bread, salad, avocado and pineapple! I like to mix it up and get a nice variety!

Throughout the day I'm usually filming, going into meetings, writing music or recording, working on my acting, making content for social media e.g. Instagram, TikTok, Youtube   and working on my personal business goals too. 


But as you can imagine, everyday changes all the time and is dependent on the day of course.


I had to film a couple of TikTok videos before a meeting. So I quickly plan them out and then try and improvise the video. For me, that always works best.”

2:00PM - Snack and meeting


“Yoghurt is always a go to snack in the afternoon for me, I find it ties me over to the next meal.”


In the afternoon, I find that I have a lot of meetings, and today was no exception. I jumped on Zoom and powered through the meeting.”

3:00PM - Meal 3 


“Fish, sweet potato, salad and mixed vegetables. I find mixing up the meat I eat within the different meals makes food as interesting as possible. Plus all the different benefits of the foods with each nutrient. I try not to watch TV or get distracted when eating, and just try to really focus on enjoying my meal.”

5:00PM - Snack 


“Rice cakes. If you know, you know. They are the ULTIMATE snack.


Usually between this and my next meal, I'm cooking and preparing the dinner.”

6:00PM - Meal 4


“Chicken mince, rice, avocado, nuts, green vegetables, cottage cheese is currently my favourite go-to dinner. I find it SUPER fling and the nuts just give it that extra crunch too. This is also really easy to prepare and I can make it in bulk for the entire week if I am really low on time!”

7:00PM - Snack and night routine

Low calorie ice cream is for sure my favourite dessert for sure. So delicious and really hits that sweet craving that I have at night.”


“I try to switch off sometimes at night or after a long day. It's a great time to spend it with family or loved ones as it gets me ready for the next day and I feel refreshed. Sometimes I will watch a movie, listen to music or do some research. Today I listened to some music to try and relax.”


“And that’s it, then I’m ready to go to bed. Thanks for keeping up with me throughout my day!” 

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