A Day In the Life of A Ryderwear Athlete: Zac Smith

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“You owe it to yourself to do better. If you feel like you could do more, do more!”

Behind the screens of our Ryderwear athletes are hard working, grinding, motivated people who balance crazy schedules, clients, businesses, and social media. Zac Smith is no exception to this, running his successful online coaching business, while also being a fitness model and creating content for his social media. 

So how does he do it? Zac let us spend a day with him to show us the importance of balance and organisation! 

5am: Up and out the door walking.

“An early morning routine is everything to me, if I don’t start my day right, then I feel like the rest of my day just won't flow right. It’s a habit. On my walk, I find it’s the perfect time to listen to a podcast and learn about new things. Or sometimes music, it gets me in the zone and I get to tune out for a little bit before getting on with my day.” 

6am: Meal 1

“I start my day with oats, protein powder and fruit. It’s quick, easy, and really filling. Plus it’s a great meal to have before the gym, giving me plenty of energy to smash out a workout.”


7:30am: Gym

“After my first meal, I love to have a tough training session. I feel refreshed and motivated in the morning, and prefer to get training done early so I can get on with my day. Today I trained shoulders, my workout is below: 



“When I’m training at the gym, my all time favourite Ryderwear range is EVO. It’s simple, form fitting, comfortable. I like that it’s functional too, meaning all I have to do is focus on my workouts. For me, I like to look good and feel good, and this is the perfect range for it.” 

9am: Meal 2 

“Around this time I usually opt for a protein shake. Nothing special, but it’s perfect for a post gym meal.” 

10am: Stock trading 

“This is something people might not know about me! I set aside some time every morning for stock trading. I like to keep my portfolio diverse and it’s something that just genuinely interests me.” 

“It’s also worth noting that throughout the day I’m on and off my laptop with admin work too. Having an online business means that I’m constantly on my phone and laptop doing random things for work. Those tasks are scattered throughout the day.” 

11am: Meal 3

“This meal is pretty standard for me, something to keep me going throughout the day. To keep it simple, it’s usually chicken, rice, and broccoli.”   

12pm: Tan, chill and e-mails


“I find that I tend to work best at around this time, so I like to make sure that all my client work is up to date. I had a lot of emails today for clients, meaning I had a bunch of check-ins that I had to do with them. I love this part of my job, seeing the process that my clients go through to get the body that they want, see them grind in the gym, and the results that come with it.”

“Each client gets their own personalised meal plans, as well as programs, meaning that this can take a lot of time. I always factor in their dislikes, dietary requirements and lifestyle to ensure that they can build healthy habits for life. It’s super important that they enjoy the plan so that they don’t feel as though they are on an unsustainable diet.”

Living in Queensland means there usually quite a bit of sun, and I like to make the most of it. It’s also a good time to take a quick break from looking at a laptop and relax for a bit.”

2pm: Meal 4 and walking the dog

This meal was a bit smaller for me, I wasn’t as hungry as what I thought I was going to be.  I went for rice cakes and tuna after I had done some work. I like to keep it quick and simple so I can continue on with my day.”

“My dog Ace was starting to get a bit restless around this time, so I took him for a walk along the beach. I personally love walking along the beach, so I thought I could make this some added ‘me time’.” 

4pm Content brainstorming 

“I’m pretty active on social media, especially Instagram and Youtube, so I have to dedicate time each day to plan out content that I think my followers would enjoy. This includes storyboarding out videos, planning some posts for Instagram, taking photos, and writing captions.” 

“I also research what other people in the industry are doing, and seeing what is getting received well, to then decide whether that would integrate well with my content.”  


5pm: Meal 5 and meal prep

“For meal five, I had one of my prepped meals, turkey sweet potato, and capsicum ”   

“At around this time, I always try to prep meals too. I’ve learnt that with my schedule, the key is organisation. I decided to plan out for 2 days in advance because my week is looking quite busy.” 

7pm Meal 6

“I usually like to treat myself at the end of the day if I’m craving something sweet. My go-to is Halo Top ice cream. I find it does the trick, and I can still fit it into my macros quite easily.”   

“This is usually the time where I would give Ace some attention too, he’s really active, so I always need to make sure that before I go to bed, we play together.” 

8:30pm: Rest and sleep 

 “My night time routine finishes up quite early. I always have CBD oil and a night-time fat burner before getting in bed at 8:30. With my early schedule and routine, I have to make sure that I’m in bed as early as possible so I can do it all again tomorrow. Recovery is also vital for being able to train at my best, so ensuring that I get enough sleep is super important.” 

A big thank you to Zac Smith for giving us an insight into his routine and what a day in his life looks like! You can follow Zac on Instagram to keep up to date with all that he gets up to.

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