BLOCK: A Functional Range For A Hardcore Lifter

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It's the new kid on the Ryderwear BLOCK (yeah, we went there), and what we mean by that is we just dropped our latest mens range, and it’s guessed it, Block.  

It’s the ultimate throwback collection that has the old school bodybuilder vibes everyone knows and loves. Inspired by legends like Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates, this is a nod to those who dominate the weights rooms, whether they are from the past, present or future. 

Remember when you first saw a bodybuilder? The defined physique, the oozing confidence, and the unique apparel sported by the industry legends. It’s these characteristics that inspired both you and the Block collection. And we want you to feel that same inspiration and motivation to lift heavy, smash out reps, and have nothing left in the tank. 

Better yet, we wanted to make a staple mens range that has been engineered to give you the extra edge you need to take your training to the next level. Lightweight materials have been chosen for breathability and comfort. It’s important to have clothing for the gym that will bring out the best in you, while providing ultimate comfort. 

Defining your muscles to a tee, this Stringer T Back is ideal for those sweaty weights sessions. It’s super lightweight and breathable, keeping you more comfortable than ever. Putting this on makes the ultimate bodybuilder statement, but is also comfortable enough to push out one more rep.  

For those that want complete freedom of movement, the Block Fleece Tank offers that and so much more. The dropped armholes give you the freedom to train your way, and of course, define those muscles. The lightweight fleece fabric has been chosen to ensure that nothing is stopping you from your workout, giving you that extra edge. Designed with a Muscle Beach vibe in mind, this piece is finished with a raw hem. 

Bringing the best out of simplicity is the Block T-Shirt. It defines the shoulders, and compliments the muscles. The slim, yet stretchy fit is perfect for all movements and pairs easily with the Block Track Shorts.

Reinventing bodybuilder apparel is what we do best, and the modern day bodybuilder who loves the vintage vibe is perfect for Block Sleeveless Hoodie. Pockets at the front keep your essentials safe, while the raw hem edges keeps you looking tough. 

A staple Crew Neck Sweater never goes astray, and is the perfect trans-seasonal piece to add to your bodybuilder vibe. While it’s warm enough for the colder weather, it’s also lightweight enough for you to do your warm up and downs in too. You can pop it over the top of your Stringer T-Back and confidently pair it with the Block Track Pants

Live the legacy of the bodybuilders before you with the Block Pullover Hoodie. The tapered cut is physique defining and perfect for chilling out too. There's something special about bringing back the old school bodybuilder confidence, so let this piece serve as a reminder to wear your muscles with pride, even if you’re outside of the gym. 

Track Shorts are both a Ryderwear OG, and a gym essential. They are perfect to throw over, anytime, and anywhere. The adjustable waistband ensures that you’re feeling good, and the lightweight material is easy wearing for leg day and beating those PB’s. 

And finally, the Block Fleece Track Pants, the ultimate staple piece. Train with comfort, live your best life with ease, and sport these Track Pants, in the gym or on your couch at home. So go your hardest, no matter where you are. 

Block is the collection that reminds us of where it all started. Let this collection take you back to the good old days, that inspired you to become a lifter yourself. It’s a range that reflects the classic bodybuilder, and redefines the modern one too. 

It also serves as a range that you can count on to give you that extra edge. Designed with the fundamentals of lightweight, comfort, and breathability, any piece from this range will have you pumping out reps with nothing else in your way. 

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