Brand New Seamless Supports Strong, Sexy Women: Released TODAY!

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The image of women has undergone a long overdue makeover in recent times. The old stereotypes that women are weak, subservient and defenceless have given way to a new breed of femininity, fitness and ferocity.

Gone are the days when sexy women were expected to be wafer thin, docile and compliant. Today’s woman knows that muscle is where it’s at. It puts her in control, allowing her to view her body as a piece of art. If she needs to add a bit here or reshape a bit there, weight training, not plastic surgery, is the tool with which she does it.

She knows too that there is power in strength. And not just symbolic strength. We’re talking real, gut wrenching physical strength. The kind of strength you develop by lifting heavy. That kind of exercise makes her functionally strong. That makes it easier for her to go about all of her daily tasks - with plenty left in the tank for emergencies.

Today’s woman also embraces strength training for the mental benefits that it delivers.  In fact, it helps her to develop all of the inner qualities that mark successful people.

The regularity of training, the commitment and the sheer guts required to push beyond her physical barriers require self-discipline, focus and pure grit. In the process, she learns to become a goal setter and a ‘just do it’ kinda’ girl. In fact, studies show that regular resistance training gives all of the benefits of taking anti-depressant medication – without any of the side effects.

At Ryderwear, gender equality is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that women can and should lift heavy and hard. And we are dedicated to providing them with the leisure and gymwear they need to slay their workouts – and look great in the process.

That’s why we’re so proud to announce the launch of our all-new, revamped seamless collection on this day. Friday March 8th is International Women’s Day. This year the theme of the day is #BalanceforBetter.

Ryderwear celebrates strong, confident, resilient women everyday. Our Seamless New collection provides the modern woman with the vibrant colors, functional style and soft, effortless fit they deserve as they think, build and innovate to achieve their best body and mind.

Ryderwear women reject the, frankly, demeaning notion that women aren’t made to lift heavy stuff. They don’t feel confined to the light weight area of the gym with the cutesy pink dumbbells. Instead, they confidently mix it up with the heavy iron as they squat, press and push their way to a new, stronger and sexier body. In the process they develop the mental fortitude that allows them to crush it both in and outside of the gym.

Women everywhere loved the original release of the Ryderwear Seamless collection. In fact, they became a viral hit and an instant classic. Our brand new Seamless sportswear range is even more vibrant, more form fitting and more functional than these products that our customers have been raving about.

And now the wait is over.

Experience the all new Seamless and make International Women’s Day the day that you reward yourself in style.

Check out the all new Seamless New Collection here.

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