D-MAKS are Back on the Block

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Ok guys, it’s time to lift up your shoe game.

As a hardcore lifter, you know that serious workouts require serious kicks.

Ryderwear revolutionized the lifting shoe game with the introduction of the D-Mak. Now, we’re set to take it to the next level with the release of the re-mastered D-MAK BLOCK.

Available in 7 new block colors, these premium lifting shoes have been designed specifically for weight lifting and gym training.




Featuring a flat sole with latex heel cushioning keeping you as close to the ground as possible, they provide essential support for squats and deadlifts.


Complete with our signature flat, flexible rubber sole, D-MAK Blocks will get you closer to the ground, providing maximum power and drive in your lifts.


Why do Hardcore Bodybuilders like Kai Greene insist on wearing Ryderwear D-MAKS?


With the imminent release of the re-mastered D-MAK BLOCK, in 7 new block colors, there’s no better time to find out.

Kai Greene is the most hardcore – and popular – bodybuilder on the planet. Kai insists on having D-MAKS on his feet during every workout. It didn’t take him long to discover that Ryderwear D-MAKS were the most functional training shoe he’d ever worn.

• They had the most secure foot fold to keep him grounded when pushing into the floor on deadlifts.

• They had the latex heel cushioning to give him the stability he needed to maintain perfect form on every rep of every set.

• And they had the most bad-ass look


Follow Kai’s lead and pre-register for the release of D-MAK BLOCK. This strictly limited new release is bound to sell out fast . . . click here to fast track it to the front of the queue.


Why You Need Lifting Shoes:

Your feet are what connect your body, along with the weight you’re holding, to the floor. It’s vital that your feet are securely grounded to prevent power leaks and form breakdowns.

That makes your choice of shoe vital.

Top quality bodybuilding shoes get you as low to the ground as possible. The flat sole results in better stability, which means better form and greater results.

You also need shoes with a high level of ankle support to maintain joint integrity while you’re training.

They also need to be secure and durable enough to prevent lateral foot movement when you’re pushing straight up.

The remastered D-BLOCK MAX delivers premium security, foot hold and stability. This strictly limited new release won’t last . . . and you don’t want to be disappointed – PRE-REGISTER HERE NOW!


Lifting Shoes VS Barefoot:


Hardcore bodybuilders are too smart to train in bare feet – and so should you be. Bare feet will leave you open to sweat slippage, not to mention the possibility of dropping something heavy on your toes!

Lifting shoes also provide support and stability for your ankles when you’re pushing into the floor, as on deadlifts and squats. Shoes also provide hygienic benefits – you’d be amazed at the nasty bacteria that lurks around on gym floors!

How Ryderwear D-MAKS can make you a better bodybuilder?


Real bodybuilders, like Kai, you and I, aren’t interested in selfie interrupted paint by numbers workouts. We’re all about gut-busting, grit demanding heavy duty sweat sessions that demand total effort and maximum concentration.

To achieve that sort of training you need a shoe that’s as tough, disciplined and reliable as you are.

That shoe is the Ryderwear D-MAK BLOCK.


 Don’t leave your workouts to chance.  Pre-register for the release of D-MAK BLOCK 7 to secure your new favorite training shoe. Believe me – you don’t want to miss out on this release – PRE-REGISTER HERE NOW!



Drilling Down on the Details

Plush Padded Tongue – the luxe, versatile design effortlessly takes this shoe from the gym to the street.

Highest Quality Fabrics – lightweight and breathable materials to ensure ventilation, comfort and durability no matter how tough the workout . . .or wearer.

Rubber Sole – engineered for flat foot lifting, traction and idealized lifting profile; slightly padded for responsive cushioning.

High Ankle Collar – the high ankle collar slants down to a firm heel to provide maximum ankle and achilles support along with optimal flexibility and stability while lifting.

The all-new D-MAK Block release is going to be epic. Be the first in line – pre-register now to secure your new favorite pair of workout and leisure kicks! CLICK HERE NOW!

Helping our Brothers in Need

In support of Men’s Health Week, Ryderwear will donate $1 from every D-Mak Block sold between June 13th-20th, 2019 to Beyond Blue. This is a great cause that address issues associated with depression, suicide, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

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