Deanna Lorea: Representation and Positive Role Models in Fitness

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It’s not that there aren’t a vast amount of people who are African Americans in the fitness industry, it’s just that they’re not being showcased.

These are stories that demand to be heard, in the words of those who’ve lived it.

For Black History Month, we’ve given our platform to our Black community so they can share their experiences, stories and challenges in the fitness industry & beyond.

We sat down with Ryderwear athlete Deanna Lorea, to discuss representation & positive role models in the fitness industry, balancing motherhood & fitness and the importance of protecting your mental.


0:47: How did you get into the fitness industry?
2:19: Advice for anyone experiencing significant changes in their body
3:41: The importance of Black representation in the fitness community
6:44: Are brands following through on portraying Black people in a positive light?
7:51: What can the fitness community do to continue the progress that’s been made?
9:05: What are you doing in the fitness industry?
11:00: Tell us about the community you’ve created
13:21: How do you balance fitness with motherhood?
16:00: On the importance of Black role models in the fitness industry
17:48: How does lack of representation affect your community?
19:16: What are you looking to achieve in the fitness industry?
21:13: On balancing social media & activism
25:00: On her behind the scenes activism
28:36: What kind of changes do you want to see from brands?

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