Initiatives Beyond Black History Month: with Max Philisaire

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Speaking is important but afterwards there has to be action, otherwise nothing will change

Striving for change never stops.

For Black History Month, we’ve given our platform to our Black community so they can share their experiences, stories and challenges in the fitness industry & beyond.

In this unmissable conversation, we sat down with Ryderwear athlete Max Philisaire to talk about what needs to be done beyond Black History Month, moving past performative gestures and why Black History is everyone’s history.


1:10: What does Black History Month mean to you?
2:54: What should we be doing during Black History Month?
7:12: On starting a nonprofit
9:45: What can the fitness community do to support Black History Month?
16:13: Do brands have a responsibility to be involved in these conversations?
21:22: Why social media activism isn’t enough
23:58: Should Black History be confined to a month?
26:52: What does Black representation in the media mean to you?
31:19: What initiatives can create better outcomes for the Black community beyond Black History Month?

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