Male Staff Picks: What the Guys of Ryderwear are Training in

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Serious lifters don't want glossy, elaborate, superficial marketing campaigns. They want cold hard facts from fellow lifters, which is why we sat down with a bunch of our staff and asked them for their favorite Ryderwear picks.

Talk about expert advice - these guys know Ryderwear products like the back of their calloused hands. These are guys just like you, passionate about training, sweating, moving and anything else that falls on the fitness spectrum. Their training styles are diverse (not all of us are trying to honor Arnie with every set), with some training in the style of classic bodybuilders, others for functionality and athleticism. However what unites our staff is a mutual love for pushing their limits, so who better to get your gym-wear picks from, than the people behind the scenes?



Chief Marketing Officer

Favorite Items
Block Fleece Pullover Hoodie
Duty Track Pants
Duty Sand T-Shirt
Kai Greene Signature Series D-Mak White

My training style at the moment is pure hypertrophy, in the vein of the classic bodybuilders. However in the past I’ve dabbled with strength training and recently started incorporating HIIT on my off days, so my Ryderwear favorites compliment that.

I dig everything about the Block collection,but the tapered fit of the hoodie is super comfy without being baggy which I hate. The Forest Green is dope and the print on the front really stands out and has a real 90s vibe.

I love the Duty Track Pants, for their military inspired design, zip cargo pockets and how the tapered leg really highlights your lower body. The grey and black go with pretty much everything. The T-Shirt is another one from the Duty collection. The distressed print, rough hems have a tough, no-nonsense vibe. The Japanese cotton is also ridiculously soft.

I own 11 D-Maks but the Kai Greene Signature Series are my go to when I'm not sure what to wear. The premium leather and finishes make these ones really stand out and give it a super sleek look. Looking at Kai's artwork on the insole when I'm putting these on at 5AM is also super inspiring”


Media Team

Favorite Items
Shield T-Shirt
Power Track Pants
Supatop Duty

“I mainly deal in strength training. Lifting heavy and always trying to squeeze the most out of every workout is my favorite thing to do, and my Ryderwear favorites reflect that. The Shield shirt is my training essential. It’s nice and simple with a full length mesh back panel that helps when I’m doing an intense session.

I love the Power Track pants. The amount of pockets are great, and they keep me warm because I workout at night and it tends to get cold. Lastly, the Supatop Duty is my favorite training shoe ever, as it provides a really solid base for me to push off while still offering tons of ankle support”


Head of Media

Favorite Items
Static Fleece Hoodie Jacket
Evo Sleeveless Hoodie
Block Fleece Track Pants

“My Ryderwear favorites are the pieces that I can take from training to the streets with effortless style. The Static Fleece Jacket has been one of my essentials for years, you’ll often find me wearing it around the office then straight to training after work. The fabric is that perfect balance of durable and lightweight.

Evo is another Ryderwear old favorite, perfect for any style of training. The material and length means it doesn't get in the way and it’s super breathable and cool. Finally, the Fleece Track Pants from the new Block collection are my instant classic. They’re just so versatile. My training involves lots of athletic, functional movements that carry over into my sport, and the flexible lightweight fabric is perfect for that”


Media Team

Favorite Items
Duty Collection

I love the entire Duty collection, but in particular the Long Sleeve Top. It allows for breathability with the holes along the arm and underarm, which is super helpful when I’m going hard in training! I train for reps, so this outfit is perfect to help me keep pushing without getting sweat dripping everywhere”


Global Sales

Favourite Items
Block Fleece Track Shorts
BFCamo Basketball Jersey
Block Fleece Pullover Hoodie
D-Mak Carbon Fibre

‘This is my essential training outfit. I’m an old school lifter. Nothing fancy, just classic bodybuilder style. My nickname is Rhino so I have to live up to my name!. I always train in the basketball jersey and pair that with any of the track shorts. I’m repping Block at the moment because it’s just dropped, and offers that vintage style that I love. They’re really lightweight and perfect for leg day.

One item that every serious lifter has to get their hands on is the new D-Mak Carbon Fibre kicks! Leg day is now my favourite day!"

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