Mother's Who Lift: Ryderwear Mother's Day Edition

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With Ryderwear’s strong community of fit mummas, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the powerful women who juggle it all. These incredible women show us every single day that it is possible to continue training while raising children, and there’s no denying that they are super inspirational. 

We wanted to take the time to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, love and nurturing that goes into being a mother. We did so by catching up with Ryderwear athletes Amber Reid (@amberreidx), Tenille Duncan (tenille_duncan), Bec White (@ahn_knownnn), and PUSHH athlete India Paulino (@indiapaulino) to talk about the special moments of motherhood, and how these women learnt to balance training and children. 

First up, Amber Reid guided us through the emotions she felt throughout motherhood so far. 

Amber: “The overwhelming feeling of unconditional love you feel! It’s nothing you've ever felt before! Being able to watch him grow, everyday he is just that little bit different and as days go by, the more he becomes aware and connects with you the more amazing it gets!”


PUSHH athlete and fit mumma India Paulino is all about connection, and loves the relationship she is building with her son. 

India: “Connecting with my son, watching him learn, grow and be his own little person. His joy for simple things, being present at all times, being who he is unapologetically brings so much happiness to me. I can’t leave out the growth that he has helped me with. Children can teach us so much if we allow them to.” 

But being a mother means adapting to a new schedule of training, it means lacking A LOT of motivation at times when you’re most exhausted. And when asked how she adapts training to her new lifestyle, Bec White could not speak highly enough of the importance of being organised. 

Bec: “Plan ahead, schedule out your day, work out when you will get the time. You need to be able to train when it won’t interfere with your time together. Being a nurse my roster changes every 7 days but I usually tend to train early or late whilst he's asleep.”

She also preaches self care when entering motherhood, and the importance of doing things that make you happy too. 

Bec: “Don’t forget to take time out for yourself, we tend to always forget about ourselves and check in with how we’re doing. Plan your days ahead, as we know with parenting not all days go as we plan. Try to interact your baby with your exercise eg. pram walks, workouts with the baby. It doesn’t have to be an hour every day, small workout/walk is better than none.”


Amber Reid found that adapting to a new schedule meant utilising her child's nap time to squeeze in a session. It allowed her to workout with more energy and less distractions. 

Amber: “I’ve found that I definitely need to train in the morning! If I don’t I’ll often struggle to fit it in or be too tired! So his first nap of the day (9am) is my time to train!”

Juggling motherhood and training is no easy gig, and when we asked India Paulino about how she does it, she had some impressive advice. 

India: “I make training a part of my day but am flexible with the time. Of course I’d love to workout when I have the most energy and am feeling it but as a mom that’s not always possible. Actually it’s almost never possible especially with quarantine and my son being out of school/daycare. I can’t always be strict with the time I train because if it doesn't happen then that can cause an unnecessary decrease in motivation. I’ve learned to go with the flow but be strict with keeping my promise to myself to train.” 

And being flexible sometimes goes as far as integrating your children into your workouts! 

India also understands that sometimes you have to work around your children's needs, and offered some clever advice on incorporating your child within the movements of your workout: 

  • Weighted bridges using my son as a weight. We pretend he’s riding a horse lol
  • Bicep curls, he copies me and it’s the cutest thing.
  • Mountain climbers, typically he tries to imitate what I’m doing and it’s really fun watching him do it.
  • Front delt raise using my son as the weight.
  • Squats while carrying my son, I actually feel squats while holding my son a lot more than when I use regular weight

    And sometimes it’s about getting your children active too, according to Tenille.  

    Tenille: “If the kids are all over me we will go for a bike ride, go for a walk or play a game that involves running, sometimes though we have fun in the gym together!” 


    It's comforting to know that there are many women who have made training and motherhood work, despite how exhausting it can be. Just remember that no matter how tough it gets, if you’re a mumma out there who is super tired, you are doing an amazing job. 

    There's nothing better than having activewear that suits your busy lifestyle. India Paulino also gave us her top Ryderwear picks for training and raising your children! Check them out below: 


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    A big happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who lift their children as well as their dumbbells from us here at Ryderwear. 

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