Motivation In Your Ears: What The Flex? Podcast

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Keeping up with the ever-evolving fitness world can be difficult. One minute the industry is telling you to put a stick of butter in your coffee, the next minute it’s telling you to do a water fast. That’s why we decided to start a podcast, What The Flex? to bust the myth and facts of the fitness industry. 

What The Flex? is a deep dive into the various aspects of the fitness community, from nutrition, to exercise, to entrepreneurship, and so much more. Each episode is a sit down with Ryderwear, PUSHH athletes and experts to answer your questions about training. If you're someone that takes your training seriously, then you’re going to want to take a listen. 

Whether you’re in the middle of a sweat soaked session at the gym or on your drive to work, we’ve got episodes that will fit into your weekly routine! 

Previously on What The Flex?: 

Carbs Are Not The Enemy || Victoria Matkovic 

For years, we’ve been told that carbs will make us gain weight, and that we shouldn't eat bread or pasta. We sat down with Accredited Dietician Victoria Matkovic to chat about the misinformation that is spread within the fitness community about nutrition, particularly with fad diets. Victoria breaks down the myths and facts, and how these diets can be detrimental to training, also talking about ‘keto’ and ‘low-carb’ diets and how they can be detrimental to training. Using nothing but science and the facts, Victoria takes us through what it takes to have a happy, balanced diet that complements your training. 



Mindset and Fitness || Jenna Louise   

2020 has been nothing short of a test of mindset. We sat down with athlete Jenna Louise, who is a firm believer in the relationship between exercise and mindset. Making the most of your workouts means being in-tune with yourself, your goals, and your body. Jenna takes us through how she does this to make the most of her movement. She also talks about her reasoning for entering the fitness and lifting industry, breaking down the societal pressures women face for their appearance. Working with women to change their mindset, get back to their ‘why’, and not being afraid to push boundaries are just some of the ways Jenna makes her mark.  



Closing The Gap In Fitness || Stevie Murdoch 

Everyone’s reasoning for entering the fitness industry is different, and Stevie Murdoch is no exception. Stevie finds herself on stage in bikini competitions for one reason only: to show the next generation of young black women that they can do anything. Combining her love of activism and competing has led her to use her platform to spread awareness, fight for equality, all while participating in the industry that she loves. Stevie also takes us through the incredible journey of physical and mental strength it has taken her to get to where she is now. 



“I Never Got Satisfaction From Competing” || Kris Gethin 

Lifting and fitness guru Kris Gethin made a name for himself from his extensive knowledge within the bodybuilding and fitness scene. Kris talks about his journey to finding where his passions lie in the fitness industry, and that it was not competing, but rather education. After starting his own supplement company, Kris decided to invest his time into building multiple businesses and understanding the human body. He goes into the importance of rest and recovery, as well as his journey with fitness.  



Motivation, Modelling & Balance || Giorgia Piscina  

Believe it or not, you can still keep your physique goals and have a balanced life that lets you enjoy all the things life has to offer. Giorgia Piscina is the first to admit that she enjoys chocolate, sweets and all the foods that are labeled as ‘naughty’. She takes us through how she balances it all. For Giorgia, the fitness industry has brought out the best in her, and given her the confidence to be her true self.   



We’re here to give you motivation when you need it most. Take a listen to What The Flex? on your favourite streaming services now.