Get Ready: Neon Hues are About to Explode

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Neon hues are the trending fashion style of the 2019 season. Both girls and guys are set to rock neon for all it’s worth!

Wanna’ know how to rock this trend . . . read on.

Back to the ‘80s!

Neon first became big in the ‘80’s. Back then it was cool to fuse bold and bright colors. Neon hued fashions could be seen in the gyms, the clubs and on the streets. With the coming of the 90’s neon was phased out and though it’s tried to make a comeback, it hasn’t taken – until now, that is!

The indications are that neon is set to be bigger and hotter than ever. The big fashion retailers are already releasing their 2019 neon hue ranges, giving us sneak peaks by way of their social media influencers.

There’s no doubt about it - neon is set to take over this season. From gymwear to swimwear, micro tops to puffy jackets, anyone who’s anyone is going to be going neon.

The indications are that the hottest neon colors are going to be vibrant greens, hi-liter yellows and sherbet hue pink.

Want to be ahead of the neon pack?

Here are a few hacks to take your neon thing to the next level.

Neon Hack #1: Subtle Neon

To create that cool, understated subtle neon look, simply pick one neon hue and pair it with normal colours. You could do this by accessorizing. Neon crop top or neon sneakers work well. Or you could pair a cropped sweater with your denim jeans.

Subtle neon allows the neon to pop against normal coloured clothing.

Neon Hack #2: Double Neon
You could always go to the other extreme and pair a neon top with a neon hued bottom. You can stick with matching colours or mix it up with contrasting colours to really make a statement.

Mismatching your neon hued items with allow you to pull off a retro vibe.

Neon Trend #3: Customize
Maybe the coolest thing about the neon trend vibe is that you can truly make the look your own. So, just have fun with it. Experiment and don’t be afraid to infuse your own personal style.

Neon Trend #4: Neon Layering

Layering is another great way to introduce neon in an understated kind of way to your fashion style. With layering, you’re wearing a neon garment, but it is slightly concealed behind another layer. The bright color is sandwiched between other layers. The effect is an eye popping colour contrast.

Neon Trend #5: Neon Balancing

You can balance your neon look by contrasting neon with a dark colour such as black or brown. A neon top tucked into back pants is a great example of this look.

Neon Trend #6: Sexy Gym wear

Stand out in the gym with neon hued sexy activewear. Looking sexy when sweating it out is guaranteed - especially when you’re rocking pink neon leggings! Neon sexy workout wear is coming to a gym near you soon - don’t miss the trend!

Ready to get your neon on?

Stay posted for Ryderwear’s brand new NeoNude range – coming soon!