P O W E R | Created For The Real Lifters

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True power is not about the amount of plates stacked on the bar, or a number on a scale. True power is an aura, the confidence you exude, your unwavering belief in your own abilities. True power comes from within, and our latest men’s gym wear collection was created for you to discover your inner strength, while still laying waste to the weights. 

Power up your training in a collection created for the real lifters. Lifters who grew up on Pumping Iron and Muscle & Fitness. Lifters who meal prep and track their macros. Lifters who’ve made numerous sacrifices in search of skin-splitting pumps. Lifters who see blisters as a badge of honour.

These are essential and functional gym wear pieces for raw, rugged workouts, available in signature gym wear colours of red, black, grey and blue.

Each piece in the collection has been created to show off your hard-earned gains, with cuts that contour your muscles, and accentuate your shoulders, lats and V Taper.

With breathable, lightweight fabrics and mesh panels for ventilation, Power will give lifters unrivalled comfort and freedom of movement while they dominate the weights and pursue their PB’s.

Taking lifters from the gym to the street, Power was created with both fitness and street fashion in mind, designed for lifters to look their best while living and breathing the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Release your inner power with these essential men’s workout clothes...

Power Sleeveless Hoodie
Get that classic, old-school bodybuilding look in this sleeveless workout hoodie. The lightweight fleece fabric offers maximum movement through the most formidable workouts, while the narrow shoulder cuts show off your arm gains.

Power Track Shorts
Power up at the squat rack with these functional men’s bodybuilding shorts. Created to unleash colossal strength on leg day, these durable weightlifting shorts are ultra-functional, with an adjustable waist and perfectly sized zipper pockets to keep your training essentials secure while you grind at the gym.

Power Mesh T-Shirt
This fitted bodybuilding T-Shirt features contrast piping to contour your muscles, and emphasise your pecs and V taper. Mesh panels in all the right places provide ventilation for those sweat-soaked sessions and explosive lifts, meaning you can concentrate on training with total intensity.

Shop the rest of the collection today and discover the true meaning of power!