Ryderwear’s Black Friday 2021: The Discount List

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Every good festival has a hotly anticipated lineup, and our Ryderworld 2021 Black Friday fest is no different.

But instead of rap stars and DJ’s, we’re bringing you sports bras and deals to help you live your best life. While the main act is 40-80% off sitewide, there’s plenty of other headliners and even some hidden gems in the fine print.

We’ve taken the time to detail the juiciest discounts, so you can make the most of your 2021 Black Friday shopping experience. Time to live your fest life.

Accessories [40-60% OFF]
Lifting heavy demands heavy duty accessories. From lifting belts to knee wraps to caps, we’ve got everything you need to find your next level.

Adapt [40-60% OFF]
Stand out in the squat rack. We’ve created a collection that empowers you to make a statement with your strength, with eye-catching leopard prints and block colours. Adapt features a blend of functional activewear pieces and recovery day essentials that have you covered from your workouts to rebuilding on rest day.

Amazon [50-60% OFF]
Find your inner warrior. Whether you prefer to move with many or sweat on your own, you’ll belong to a powerful, connected community of women when you wear this collection. This is the collection for women who want to evolve their training, offering all the support you need to lift with confidence. Discover a distraction free workout and focus on nothing but your next set.

Animal Instincts [40-60% OFF]
Workout on the wild side with this collection of bold prints and flattering fabrics. Mix and match the wild colourways for endless combinations.

Base Mens [50-60% OFF]
Based on you. We’ve created a collection that has everything lifters want, featuring lightweight training pieces and comfortable fabrics that feel good against your skin.

Base Women's [40-60% OFF]
Build your base. This collection of off-duty & gym essentials allows you to create a look that’s authentically you.

Block Men's [70% OFF]
A nod to old-school legends of lifting who dominated the weights room. Discover vintage lifting designs inspired by Muscle Beach, with modern fabrics & performance.

Camo Women's [40-60% OFF]
Too bold to blend in. We created this collection to make women feel confident, tough and comfortable in the squat rack with on-trend camo prints and ultra-supportive designs that empower you to train without distraction.

Combat [50% OFF]
Wage war on the weights. Combat fuses classic, old-school bodybuilding prints with modern tech finishes and functional fabrics, because we know high-performance in the gym is about sweating the small stuff. Whether you’re chasing a bench press PB or even want to take your workouts beyond the gym, we’ve got pieces created to to level up your training.

Electra Seamless [70-80% OFF]
Find your inner spark. Power up your workouts in our signature seamless knit fabric, which has been perfected for optimal movement and flexibility, so you can lunge, squat and sweat without constraint. With highlighter hues and a fit that flatters your shape, Electra gives your performance the glow it deserves.

Men's Endurance [40-50% OFF]
To become your strongest self, you need gym wear that goes the distance. This reliable collection was built to last, with durable fabrics & styles that accentuate your physique.

Energy [50% OFF]
Big lift energy. Discover freedom of movement and a distraction-free workout in these high-performance pieces that feature lightweight, flexible fabrics.

Evo [40% OFF]
Evolve your training, evolve yourself. These lifting essentials are the essence of functionality, with lightweight performance fabrics, quick-dry materials and designs that offer maximum freedom of movement.

Flex [70-80% OFF]
Live your flex life. Hit the weight room in gym wear pieces created to blend function with style, featuring high-quality fabrics that enhance bodies built in the gym.

Focus [60% OFF]
Stay in the zone when you sweat. We’ve created the Focus range to provide an irritation-free, distraction-free workout, because breaking records in the gym requires your full focus.

Freestyle Seamless [40-60% OFF]
Freestyle Seamless is a collection created for optimal movement, featuring Ryderwear’s unrivalled seamless fabric. Fitting like a second skin, this body-sculpting seamless collection empowers you to freestyle your movement and train without limits.

Hybrid [40% OFF]
The evolution is here. Hybrid is the latest reimagining of our Animal Instincts range - same fabrics you love, new animal prints, colours & designs. Discover new lifting & loungewear pieces like fitted hoodies  & mesh tees that have you covered for everything from heavy lifting to hibernation.

KGxRW [40% OFF]
He revolutionized the lifting world and turned bodybuilding into an artform. Now we’ve teamed up with artist, actor and people’s champion Kai Greene to release a game-changing gymwear collection. Featuring designs that Kai himself trains in, you’ll be able to level up your performance and follow the footsteps of one of the greatest bodybuilders to ever lift.

Knockout [40% OFF]
With 15 unique pieces, our Knockout capsule collection is fit for everything. With brand new pieces like zip up tanks, track shorts and fleece sweaters, Knockout features everything you need to live your best life, all in the one place. Whether you’re taking it easy or taking it to the next level, Knockout allows you to layer & create key looks with unlimited possibilities.

Motion [40-60% OFF]
With 15 gym bag essentials in 9 versatile colours, our Motion collection offers something for every lifter. From heavy squats to the sofa, we’ve built a collection that features pieces to complement every activity of your fitness lifestyle.

NKD [40-70% OFF]
Get that naked feeling. The NKD collection features our luxe, premium Ryderwear fabric that fits like a second skin and feels like you’re wearing nothing.

Off Duty [40-50% OFF]
Embrace the great indoors with this collection of loungewear essentials, carefully designed with comfort and movement in mind.

Rib Seamless [40-60% OFF]
Created for all-day comfort, Ribbed Seamless is the activewear collection for every activity that you’ll never need (or want) to take off. Love to lift & lounge in the same outfit? You can wear this luxe, lightweight range from the squat rack to the sofa, without ever having to compromise on style or function. Make everyday effortless in this range that has you covered through every rep & rest day.

Sculpt Seamless [40-60% OFF]
Look epic, feel great and move your way in our brand new collection, Sculpt. Experience complete and unrestricted movement during your workouts with our classic body-hugging material that will flatter you in all the right places.

Sola [50% OFF]
Our upcoming women’s collection was created to help you feel loud and liberated when you're working out. Fitness should be fun, and the Sola collection encourages you to thrive through your training, not grind through it. The buttery soft, luxe fabric will make you feel your best, no matter your schedule, no matter the time of day,  with a vibrant palette inspired by sunrises & sunset hues.

Staples [40-60% OFF]
Make feeling confident your staple. You’ll never shy away from standing out in this signature collection, with booty-enhancing features and a waistband that hugs your curves - because your hard work should never be hidden.

Tie Dye [50% OFF]
We’ve taken the classic tie dye trend, and reimagined it for lifters. Move in colourful comfort with active & lounge options that offer relaxed fits and fabrics that feel great against your skin. We’ve made these with real tie dye fabric meaning that no two pieces are the same - so your look will always be one-of-a-kind.

Shoes [40-80% OFF]
Whether you’re part of the anti-cardio gang and just want to hit heavy squats on the daily, or you’re a fan of sweat-drenched HIIT workouts and circuit training, we’ve got a collection of premium-quality training shoes engineered to level up your workouts. Each of our training shoes is constructed with ultra-durable fabrics and groundbreaking designs that maximise your power and stability, helping you push past plateaus and rewrite your PRs. 

Ultra [40% OFF]
Train hard and breathe easy with our Ultra Collection, featuring ventilating designs and four way stretch fabrics that allow you to move with ultimate freedom of movement.

Ryderwear HQ is your lifters library of the latest training, nutrition & mindfulness insights (as well as everything you need to know about Black Friday). 

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