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At Ryderwear, we believe that fitness isn’t just about healthy muscles, but also a healthy mind. We want to be a brand that normalises being open and honest about mental health, as well as highlighting the importance of self-care and taking the time to rest and recover.

Because we wanted to look inward first, our #HighlightReal campaign is all about empowering our Ryderwear staff and athletes to talk about their mental health, get comfortable getting candid and encourage them to look after their body & mind - with the hope that our wider community of lifters will do the same.

Self care is a mental health lifeline for many - dedicating proper time to looking after yourself will put you in a better place to give 100 percent to the people and responsibilities in your life. But self-care isn’t just salt baths and face masks (although those rock too) it can be anything from heavy deadlifts to DIY, to simply getting enough sleep. To give you some self-care inspo for managing your own mental health, we asked our staff what they do to unwind, destress and fill their cup. Check out our staff self care strategies below!

Natalie Kyte
Social Media Coordinator
As a self proclaimed social media addict, who simultaneously works in social media, you could say the term 'social never sleeps' certainly resonates with me. Whether it's waking up to a notification that Ryderwear’s post is due to go live, leisurely scrolls turning into a notepad full of new ideas, or the latest TikTok track playing on repeat in my head, it can definitely be hard to disconnect and take a step back from the all consuming world that is social media. 

Over the years I've learnt that in order to prioritise my mental health, it's important that I set boundaries with screen time, reluctantly put that iPhone down, and give myself time to switch off ( yikes to my old 8+ hours of daily screen time )

My top self-care tips

1. Utilise the 'down time' feature in your screen time iPhone settings. Here you can schedule time away from your screen and set app limits.

2. Get outdoors - whether it's a quick walk on your lunch break or a hike with your bestie, my favourite way to switch off is to quite literally switch off,  so get outside and leave that phone at home! *cries in millennial with iPhone addiction*

3. Fill your time away from work with things that fill your cup. Treat yourself to that extortionate $5.20 small almond latte from your favourite cafe, hug your doggo (or cat… or both, if you’re me), and spend quality time with those who mean the most; your family and friends.

I can promise you, there’ll be plenty of time to spend trying to decode Kanye West's mystifying tweets when you get back!

Annalise Toms
Content Writer
When I’m feeling flat, sad or stressed I follow these very simple self-care tips to help get me through my rough patches. No fancy face masks or expensive night serums here, just some basic, but helpful, TLC.

1. Move my body or go for a walk if I don’t feel up to a workout. I always know how good I feel after an intense session at the gym or even just a good walk around the neighbourhood to get my blood pumping. I also find that I can process a lot of what I’m feeling or thinking on a walk which helps me come up with solutions or problems to talk through with my close ones.

2. This leads me to ‘talking’. Even though most of the time I just feel like shutting down and never speaking a word ever again, I know that if I say it out loud and get it “off my chest”, the easier it is to acknowledge and process my feelings. As hard and uncomfortable as it may be, it’s so important for me and my loved ones to know how I’m feeling and what’s going on.

3. Eat something extremely yummy and relatively nutritious. I love food and everything about it, from cooking to devouring. I also like feeling good after I demolish my food, so a go-to of mine is a yummy pasta packed full of goodness, some hidden veggies and a whole bunch of fresh parmesan piled on top - Buonissimo!

4. Write a list! Writing down a list of priorities or even just tidying/cleaning my spaces brings me great clarity and a sense of calmness (is that strange?). Plus, to me, there’s really nothing better than feeling organised and relatively prepared for whatever life has to throw at you
5. Have a long hot shower, get into your comfiest clothes and curl up on the couch with a blanket for some much needed Netflix. I’m a sucker for a chick flick and Legally Blonde is top tier chick flick viewing.

Caitlin Pegoli
PR & Social Media Manager
I can’t sit still for the life of me.. anyone else feel me? So when I’m feeling the effects of stress I have to work hard to centre myself. I’ve tried every meditation app available but it’s just not for me. Throughout my learnings I’ve come to realise that by keeping busy through doing things that bring me immense joy is my type of self-care. 

When the feels hit you’ll find me bunkered away at home creating something that I’ve seen or manifested in my mind. Insta DIY Reels are my whole feed! From sewing to abstract art to candle making and even up-cycling furniture. I feel immense satisfaction throughout and after I’ve hand created something that’s mine. With my hands on the tools, the hours pass by and I’m in my element. 

If I’m not busy DIY-ing (a new word I just made up) I’ll visit the people in my life that ground me at my core. My family, my niece and amazing friends - they’re the people that I can open up to and have deep personal conversations with.

Paul Hanna
Senior Graphic Designer

Self-care to me means making sure I get enough sleep. Getting 8 hours can sometimes mean the difference between a good day the next day and an average day. During the week I try to go to bed an hour or two before I need to be asleep so I have time to fall asleep naturally rather than it feeling forced. Then if I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, I’m not faced with the pressure that comes with thinking ‘If I fall asleep now I’ll get 3 hours sleep. If I fall asleep now I’ll get 2 hours sleep’ ETC

Meghann Reeves
Brand Marketing Director

Self care - big words, but small actions are what really cut it for me. The simple idea of holding space for how you are feeling, acknowledging the feeling and then reminding yourself that the feeling is temporary really helps me to not fixate on anything that doesn’t positively serve me for too long. I also think prioritising time for the thing that helps you breathe (not that shallow in and out daily breathing we do on autopilot) but the thing that makes you take that deep belly breath, the ‘this feels good in my bones’ type of breath.

STOP IMMEDIATELY and do one with me right now - doesn't it feel so good? Now do another, I dare you. I know it’s a cliche but nature really charges my batteries back up and is where I feel like I can breathe properly again. Whether it’s hiking, running or walking with my dog - it really helps me get out of my head and see that there is a whole world out there that I can enjoy. Without fail, hanging out with my kids helps me clear my head. Their humour, life commentary and general cheekiness helps me reset and be incredibly grateful to be able to be their mum.

Sara Al Masany
3PL Coordinator
Having a good, regular sleep routine is the most important to me. The times I used to run on little to no sleep are gone and there is no other single thing that can set me up for success. My mind sometimes runs crazy and winding down can be a bit challenging and so when sleep isn’t enough, I know that going for a nice long walk, ideally on a beach or somewhere a bit remote or just getting outside and breathing some fresh air, is going to help every overwhelming, scary thing and put it into perspective. Another thing that really helps me calm down and relax is any type of creative activity, usually that would be watercolours, sketching or painting. Having to really focus on every stroke on the paper helps me clear my head, sometimes people speak at me and I can’t hear them, it’s like being in a bubble, in my own space. Oh, and cuddles with my dog - that’s a given. No matter the activity though, I try to stay away from screens, disconnecting recharges me!

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