The History of Ryderwear: from Garage to Global

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Learn about how it all began.

At just 18 years old, David Lukic transformed himself from a self-proclaimed "skinny kid" into an award winning bodybuilder. Why is this important to the history of Ryderwear? Because this is where it all began.

Sure, Ryderwear didn't actually start when David Lukic was a mere 18-year-old, pumping iron and throwing back protein shakes. But it was the love for this lifestyle that stirred the beginnings of Ryderwear as we know it.

Each day at the gym, David witnessed a gap. He couldn't find clothes made specifically for weight lifters. He couldn't find shoes engineered for deadlifts or built to assist with growth. And while most may complain or grumble about how there's "nothing out there" specifically for them, David Lukic isn't like "most" people.

He didn't have a formal business strategy or even a warehouse to hold stock in. He just had determination and a strong business partner in his wife Natalie Lukic. But for anyone who seriously hits the gym, they'll know determination and the right support system is sometimes all you need to accomplish greatness.

So, in 2010, David & Natalie started investing all their time into building the very best gym apparel and lifting shoe company, never taking shortcuts around quality, function or style. Using David's Grandma's garage as their headquarters and social media to spread the Ryderwear word, David & Natalie watched their dream grow by 300% year after year.

Because David knew his market inside and out and Natalie had a keen eye for design, they were able to stay ahead of current trends and create in-demand products within their target market.

And, after a few short years, they had outgrown their small garage run operation and began running Ryderwear out of their very first warehouse with a small office attached. They even hired their first employee, which marked the beginning of many (many) more. When you have a company fuelled by pure passion, it's hard to keep people away!

Never conforming to standard business structures, David & Natalie pioneered Ryderwear on gut instincts, community focused initiatives, a love of healthy living and an incredible passion to bring their products to a global market. As the company grew, so did their Ryderwear family. After 10 short months at their new office, they had to seek a second. Like I said; if you build it with that much passion, good people will come.

Now, with a strong team behind the brand, yearly global growth and the likes of UlissesLarissa Reis, and Mike Rashid wearing and representing Ryderwear, you'd think David & Natalie could set themselves on cruise control and just ride their success onward.

But that's not how great empires are built. After seven years of success in the bodybuilding and weight lifting world, they're now expanding their brand and redefining athletic apparel as we know it.

Big things are happening for Ryderwear. Again fuelled by a passion to bring incredible products to their health focused community, David & Natalie Lukic are a force of entrepreneurial power.

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