Welcome to PUSHH, Here’s Your First Look

Posted by Ryderwear HQ on

Last night, the team at Ryderwear announced a brand new project — PUSHH, the app that is designed to level up your training.

With the likes of Natalie Eva Marie, Giorgia Piscina, Jenna Douros, and Maya Basse all in house for the launch, it was the world's first look at an app that is set to change the way you train.

The night kicked off with Natalie Eva Marie running a sneak peek bootcamp to give everyone a taste of what to expect with PUSHH. After the 26 minute workout, people were given the opportunity to have a look at the app on a phone and test it out for themselves. And you probably have plenty of questions too, so we got a head start.

So, what is PUSHH?

The idea of PUSHH is pretty simple, it’s designed to bring the world’s most skilled athletes into the palm of your hands. It’s packed with multiple programs from each athlete, so you can switch it up whenever you want! Each program has been created under the supervision of an Exercise Science team, so you're only getting the best workout programs.

When can I download it?

February, not long to go now!

Which smartphones is the app designed for?

The app will be available on iOS and Android.

Why PUSHH and not other training apps?

How much time do you have? Just kidding, but not really.

The variety of athletes and types of programs are there to give you everything that you need, no matter what your style is. Want a booty focused program? Maya has you covered. Want to physically and mentally challenge yourself to new levels? Train with David McIntosh. How about bodybuilding? Kwame Duah will be right there with you in the palm of your hand guiding you. Plus there are so many more.

The intensity levels are there to cater to everyone. From beginner, workouts to get you nice and comfortable at the gym, to the highest levels of intensity, and everything in between — no one gets left behind. The advanced programs are the intensity of what that trainer would do in their typical day, so know that when you train advanced, you’re training like an athlete.

The video and audio instructions from the athletes themselves will make you feel like they are training right there with you, so you all you have to do is listen to what they say and follow the video. And to top it off, the easy to use interface gives you the ability to focus on your workout only, so there is no excuse!

Make sure to visit https://www.pushhfit.com/ to stay up to date with the latest and register your interest.