3 Gym Clothing Mistakes Guys Always Make

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We’re the first to admit that the gym floor isn’t a runway, and the squat rack isn’t a red carpet.

We know that first and foremost, training at the gym is about lifting. Lifts that carve callouses into your once-smooth palms, lifts that make the earth tremor, lifts that let you satisfy one of man’s most primal urges: to pick up heavy objects and put them down again.

But there’s a few gym fashion fumbles that we see guys making all the time, without fail.

We aren’t just talking about your regular fitness fashion crimes. These are dysfunctional dress decisions which can completely derail your performance at the gym

Righting these wardrobe wrongs won’t just help you look good, it’ll also (more importantly) power you towards personal best lifts!

Heavy, Oversized Shirts

Your teenage skater phase ended fifteen years ago, and you’re not in a mid-2000’s G-Unit video. Ditch the baggy threads and stop leaving pools of sweat in the squat rack!

A shirt that’s too big and heavy isn’t just a fashion faux pas, it can also cause you to overheat and become uncomfortable, with your body sending more blood to your skin and away from your muscles. That’s not a blueprint for big lifts.

Whether it’s a Gym t-shirt or stringer, Ryderwear gym wear is lightweight, sweat-wicking and breathable. We offer contouring clothing that sculpts to your physique, and mesh panelling to keep you cool through that brutal bench session.

Barefoot Lifting

We’re so passionate about getting barefoot lifters to lace up we dedicated a whole blog about Barefoot vs lifting shoes!

Sure, there are some kinematic benefits to training sans sneakers, but a pair of bodybuilding shoes are perfect for bursting through plateaus and crushing heavy lifts.

Lifting shoes like the Ryderwear D-Mak offer all of the benefits of barefoot lifting with more ankle support and grip, as well as less internal knee rotation and forward trunk lean. So break from the barefoot bandwagon and join the serious lifters club with a pair of lifting kicks. 

Restrictive Clothing

Leg day should also be about ass to grass squats, vein-popping deadlifts and lunges that light your legs on fire. That won’t happen if you’re wearing a pair of shorts that start to split whenever you venture past a half-squat.

To truly get the confidence to destroy leg day, you need ultra-lightweight Gym shorts and track pants. Ryderwear workout pants and shorts offer stretchy fleece fabric and polyester materials, delivering maximum comfort and freedom of movement.

So if you plead guilty to any of these fitness fashion faux pas then head over to the Ryderwear store and cop some of our functional, high-performance men’s gym wear