BTS: Lauren Simpson x Ryderwear Animal

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Feel fierce with Lauren Simpson. 

Our girl Lauren Simpson knows all too well how important it is to be surrounded by a group of uplifting, strong, and empowering women who bring nothing but the best out of you. Finding your tribe is one of the most crucial aspects to reaching your goals. Lauren’s latest collection with Ryderwear is a symbol of strength, unity and empowerment. 

It’s a collection that is both grounding and empowering as Lauren wants those in her community to embrace uplifting the women around them. Not only does Lauren want you to feel strong and feminine, but also confident in how you move. When empowered with strength from the inside out, she wants you to embrace it, be proud and show it off a little. 

We went behind the scenes of the campaign shoot to see Lauren in action, to chat about what this collection means to her.

Lauren: “This campaign is so special to me, doing it alongside some of my best friends has been such an amazing experience. I want this collection to be one that makes any woman feel confident, capable, fierce and beautiful.” 

Earlier this year, Lauren had a medical scare that required her to have emergency surgery on her bowel. It was a step back, with a long rehab road, and Lauren credits her friends for helping her get back on track. 

Lauren: “It was so tough not being able to move from bed for weeks on end. The surgery certainly made me have to rearrange my goals, but having my girls around me, sending their messages of love and support was what got me through. I wanted to have a collection that embodied that feeling of empowerment and support.” 


“Even when I got back into the gym, it was having my best friends there to do workouts with me and encourage me to keep going that got me through. Now I’m wanting to share that incredible feeling with the rest of the Ryderwear community and beyond.”

What does empowerment mean to you?

Lauren: “Right now for me, and with this collection, empowerment is having a strong group of women who uplift me to achieve everything I want and more. It’s also me doing the exact same thing for them, showing them what they are capable of. With this collection, I want every single woman to feel that confidence, to be bold and empowered to show off everything that they work so hard for.”

What is so special about this collection?

Lauren: “It’s so different to the other collections I’ve done with Ryderwear wear, it’s so vibrant and fierce, and of course doing the campaign with my best friends made it all the more special. Despite all the challenges that COVID-19 is throwing at us, we are still adapting and making this such an incredible and meaningful campaign.”  

What was it like shooting the campaign with your friends? 

Lauren: “So much fun! One of the best parts of this campaign was doing it with my girls by my side. These are the women that keep me going every day, and to share this experience with them has been so fulfilling. It’s moments like getting behind the camera with your best girl pals that are so special, and I am so glad that they get to experience that sense of empowerment with me too.” 


What are some of your favourite pieces in this collection?

Lauren: “There are so many! I love anything oversized, so the Boyfriend Sweater is of course going to be a staple. But there are so many different pieces that are new, like the One Shoulder Sports Bra. it’s something super different and I love it, and I can’t wait to see everyone else rock it too.” 

“I am also super obsessed with the Bomber Jacket. We’ve never done a jacket like that before, and it’s perfect for something stylish to go straight from the gym to brunch in. Honestly, the whole collection is going to be a staple in my workout wardrobe for a while.” 

Lauren got behind the camera herself with a polaroid camera, taking plenty of photos with those who empower her! Check them out below: 

Love what you see? Keep an eye out for the collection, not long to go now!