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Creating something new is easy. Creating something that lasts is special.

With our newest men’s bodybuilding collection, we’ve unlocked a new tier of toughness. The Duty collection is ultra-lightweight, high-performance gym attire that lasts.

No loose threads or fading fabric following a week of working out. No sweat stains or loss of shape after just a month of brutal sessions.

This is industrious, breathable gym wear created to last a lifetime of lifts. Lifts you can pour your blood, sweat and tears into. Lifts where restrictive clothing is not an option.


The Duty collection is wearable motivation, delivering a sweat-wicking fabric which accentuates your physique, stretching and contorting with your body as you destroy your workout. We know gains aren’t for hiding beneath baggy, loose-fitting shirts.

Duty brings street style to squat day, with military-inspired colourways, distressed fabrics and raw edge cuts bringing a gritty, urban look with a high-end finish. This a collection designed for the gym, but you’ll want to wear it everywhere. 

We’ve also dropped a game-changing lifting shoe for our bodybuilding battalion. Building on the legacy of our previous lifting shoes, The Supatop Duty takes things up a notch with an ultra-high top for unrivalled stability and lockdown. These are shoes for lifters who want to push past plateaus and leave leg day in their wake.

Complete your workout inventory with the Duty accessories range. The backpack, cap, lifting straps and water jug are all essential training sidekicks for serious lifters.

The only men’s gym gear you need in your workout wardrobe. The Duty collection is available to SHOP NOW.