Holiday HIIT Workout with Giorgia Piscina

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While heading on holiday should bring happiness, every fitness lover knows the feeling. That creeping anxiety as you stray further and further from the creature comforts of your usual gym.

How can you unwind when there are gains to be made, six packs to be sculpted, muscles to be multiplied?

But whether it’s a beachside break or rural retreat, you can still hit high intensity workouts using one of the most effective machines of all: your body.

Gentle on your joints yet ultra-functional, bodyweight workouts are perfect for lifters who don’t have access to the iron, but still want to keep their fitness goals on point.

Ryderwear athlete and WBFF Pro Bikini Champion Giorgia Piscina has created this condensed yet intense HIIT workout to target all muscle groups and burn those vacay calories! Check out Gigi getting her sweat on below in the NKD High Waisted Leggings and Geo Seamless Sports Bra

Gigi’s Holiday HIIT Workout

For 6 Rounds
-Jump Squats x 15
-Push Ups [Knees] x 10
-Superman Hold x 20 seconds
-Ab Toe Touches x 20
-Alternating Reverse Lunge x 10 each side
-Commandos x 6 each side
-Mountain Climbers x 20 seconds
[1 Minute Rest]

Jump Squats: This explosive bodyweight exercise is perfect for punishing your quads, hammies, and glutes. When done for reps, jump squats also become a serious cardiovascular challenge! Remember, always aim for depth before exploding upwards and reaching for the stars!

Push-Ups [Knees]: A timeless classic, pushups are one of the best exercises when it comes to strengthening your chest, shoulders, and triceps. While knees have been prescribed for this workout, you can make it even harder by varying your torso elevation or tempo.

Superman Hold: By emulating the man of steel, you can gain superhuman strength through the posterior chain, including the glutes, spinal erectors and upper back. This exercise is especially good for holidays, as it balances the excess time spent sitting on the beach, or on the couch watching our favourite movies. 

Toe Touches: There’s only one rule for this exercise. Keep those legs straight! Toe Touches will strengthen your hip flexors, while keeping constant tension on your core for a rock hard set of abs. 

Alternating Reverse Lunges: Get that booty burn through your quads, glutes and hamstrings with alternating reverse lunges. Remember to keep an upright, neutral spine to fully target your core! 

Commandos: A cross between a push up and a plank, commandos are perfect for upper body strength and targeting your core. Just remember the golden rule: keep a flat back at all times! 

Mountain Climbers: A core exercise that sends shudders down spines, mountain climbers are the perfect finisher to your holiday HIIT workout. Mountain climbers are a serious cardio challenge, teaching you to brace your core while the lower body moves.

Try Giorgia’s workout on your next holiday or weekend getaway for a serious full-body burn!  We love seeing our Ryderwear family keeping fit in exotic destinations, so don’t forget to record your workout and upload it to Instagram, and tag #gigisholidayhiit, @ryderwear, and @giorgia_piscina