Superbowl Sunday Workout

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Lightning fast, stronger than an ox, more agile than a cheetah.

NFL players are some of the most awe-inspiring athletes in the world.

Every year we marvel at their feats of athleticism on Superbowl Day, as they stretch every sinew to pluck the pigskin from the heavens, and absorb the force of a car crash with each bone-rattling hit.

On Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers do battle in Superbowl LIV, there’ll be beasts on both sides like Travis Kelce and George Kittle (Catch him here benching well over 300 pounds for reps)

We know champions aren’t born, they’re made, and for NFL players their powerful, jacked physiques were sculpted by years and years in the gym, lifting heavy iron and performing explosive, functional movements.

If you want to emulate football’s finest ahead of Superbowl Sunday, try this NFL-inspired workout to get that linebacker physique.

Check out Ryderwear athlete David Mcintosh below running you through each exercise

Superbowl Workout

Box Drop Jump


Explosive power isn’t always built using heavy weights. Sometimes it pays to ditch the barbells and embrace plyometric exercises like box drop jumps, which improve your lower body power and recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Barbell Back Squat


The king of strength-based exercises, back squats are a leg day classic. Back squats add size to the strength, glutes and hamstrings as well as translating perfectly into athletic movements like sprinting and jumping.

Barbell Deadlift


The ultimate full-body exercise, deadlifts should be a workout essential for anyone wanting Tyreek Hill-like explosiveness through the legs. Just remember to keep your spine neutral for the perfect deadlift.

Barbell Bench Press

Enter beast mode on the bench press and develop your strength through the chest, shoulders and triceps. The beloved bench press translates well into athletic movements like fending off would-be tacklers.

Inverted Row

Pack on some serious size through the upper back and biceps with the inverted row. Versatile and super-functional, inverted rows are the perfect finisher to a brutal workout.

Get in that Superbowl mood and try this session next time you hit the gym for an intense, functional workout.

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