Five Rules For Being The Best Gym Partner

Posted by Ryderwear HQ on

Your gym partner can make or break your workout. 

They can either be the most important support for your most difficult reps, or they can straight up be the most disruptive pest. 

Don’t even care if that was a little harsh.  


Don’t get it twisted, here at Ryderwear, we LOVE a good TikTok, but if a gym partner decides to whip out the app just as we are about to smash a deadlift PB, we won’t be happy. It’s all about the gains train when we are in the gym. No distractions. 

We don’t want to be a negative nancy though, we really do love those gym buddies that help motivate us when we simply can’t be bothered to train. They are there for us when we struggle with those final reps, when the fatigue starts to set in. More importantly, they keep us accountable. 

Wanna know if you pass the Ryderwear gym partner test? Have a read of our five must-do rules below to see if you can be considered gym buddy of the year. 

  • You know when to talk

  • There is honestly nothing worse than a gym partner who thinks it’s okay to talk for the entire session. Do you even lift if you are just gasbagging the ENTIRE time? 

    This doesn't mean don’t talk at all, but rather knowing when to talk. For example, at the start of the workout, if you’re saying hello and having a quick catch up while you’re warming up, fair enough. That's the perfect time to do a quick life update. 

    But if your partner is halfway through trying to smash a deadlift PB, and you’re wanting to have a conversation about what happened on the weekend, reconsidering the time and place is important. 


    Reading the room is vital for this one!

  • You wear deodorant to the gym

  • If you need this one explained to you, cancel your gym membership. 

    That’s all we’ve got to say about that. 

    Better yet, you make sure you’re wearing the appropriate gear if you get super sweaty. Guys, we’ve got you covered with our Evo T-Shirt that has dedicated panels for ventilation. Gals, we recommend the Freestyle Seamless Long Sleeve Crop, it has mesh panels and a keyhole back to be as cool as can be. 

    Be kind to your gym partner, do what you need to do to keep that sweat under control. 

  • You’re encouraging, but not embarrassing 

  • If you can see that your partner is struggling with those last couple of reps and needs an extra push, then that is the perfect time for a bit of encouragement. Or if your partner is being a little lazy and not wanting to do the last set, that is the best time to hype them up. 

    However there is a fine, get it together people. If you’re screaming at the person you go to the gym with the whole time, we hate to admit it, but you might be a bit annoying. 

    Sometimes your gym partner doesn't want unnecessary attention. Sometimes, less is more. 

  • You spot only when necessary 

  • If you’re using the phrase “I got you bro” while your gym buddy is smashing out some reps more than four times throughout the gym session, stop. 

    If you’re standing over your gym partner the entire time while they are pumping out chest press, then that’s just not okay. 

    But if you can read the vibe of the set, and jump in only when they are struggling to get the bar up, hop on behind them and make sure that they are performing the lift safely. 

    Reading the room, or your gym partners vibe is the key to this one. If you nail it, well done. 

    If you’re wanting a little more help with form? We’ve broken down how to do the best hip thrust and deadlift!   

  • You actually rock up and are always on time 

  • Punctuality. Be there or be square. 


    There is nothing worse than your gym mate not coming to the session when you’ve gone well out of your way to wake up at 5:00am to get there before work. You wouldn't like it if it happened to you, let’s keep the promises we make!

    If you’re not that person, then go you, because you’re a reliable one.   

    After all that, did you pass the gym buddy vibe check? If not, at least now you know what you can work on to be the best gym partner you can be.