Freshian Rucker: Breaking Down Stereotypes in the Fitness Industry

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"I’m always questioning whether I belong in the room"

These are stories that demand to be heard, in the words of those who’ve lived it.

For Black History Month, we’ve given our platform to our Black community so they can share their experiences, stories and challenges in the fitness industry & beyond.

First up, we sat down for an hour-long discussion with WBFF champion & fitness model Freshian Rucker, to discuss breaking down stereotypes in the fitness industry, why we need to normalize Black excellence, and ways the industry can empower the Black community and create a space where they can thrive.

Check out the full discussion here on our What The Flex? podcast 


0:50: What does Black History Month mean to you?
2:40: How are you using your platform to continue the Black Lives Matter discussions?
6:53: Does being outspoken bring extra attention?
9:40: What does it mean being a Black person in the fitness industry?
14:10: On stereotypes in the fitness industry
18:14: Watermelon & fried chicken: The meaning behind the stereotypes
20:20: Experiences in the fitness industry as a successful black athlete
26:30: Liberating moments within the fitness industry?
28:53: What does the fitness industry need to do to instigate change?
37:45: How important is representation in the fitness industry?
45:39: The importance of educating ourselves & redefining perceptions
46:20: Reaction to the death of George Floyd
48:30: On changing a co-workers perception on the Black community
51:48: Why understanding and immersing yourself in Black culture is important
58:01: The meaning of Black Lives Matter  
1:00:16: On being a Black lifeguard 
1:05:15: Changing the narrative for the Black community

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