How To Care For Your Ryderwear

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Sometimes a heavy spin cycle can do more damage to your Ryderwear than a heavy squat session. We want you to get the most out of your activewear, so we’ve written a comprehensive guide to maximise the longevity and durability of our gear.

These tips have you covered for all our Ryderwear fabrics.

1. Cool Machine Wash: Don’t use hot water or harsh settings. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Wash your activewear inside out and avoid washing with rough surfaces like denim, velcro or zippers.

2. Wash Similar Colours Together: To help preserve the original colours and prevent bleeding, wash your activewear with similar colours. Don’t mix dark & brights.

3. Line Dry In the Shade: If you’re drying your activewear on the line, hang it inside out.Washing your activewear inside out will also. If you iron or steam your activewear, stay away from prints.

4. For Sports Bras: Remove the padding before you wash the bra. This will help retain the shape of the bra

5. Fabric Softeners Are Fine

How Do I Wash My Seamless?
Wash any delicate seamless fabrics or mesh fabrics in a wash bag to help protect the material and maximise the longevity.

How Do I Care for My D-Maks?
The best way to care for your D-Maks is by using them as a training shoe only. Change your shoes before & after your workout if you want your favourite pair to have you covered for a lifetime of lifts. You can use a leather waterproofing spray when cleaning.

We recommend spot cleaning your bag with a cloth, a little soap and water

‣ Wash bright colours alone before you wear them.

‣ Continue washing bright coloured gear with similar colours.

‣ When wet, keep bright coloured gear away from other fabrics.

‣ Avoid washing with rough surfaces like denim, Velcro or zippers.

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