Join the A.M. Club: 5 Tips for Becoming a Morning Lifter

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Wanting to join the 5AM lifting club? There’s a heap of benefits to being in the squat rack before sunrise (an empty gym, fewer distractions, ticking something off your to-do list before breakfast). But it can be hard to get hyped for that HIIT session when you’re half asleep and you’d prefer to press the snooze button over leg press. Integrate these tips into your wake-up routine and join the AM club with ease.

1. Prepare Your Workout Gear the Night Before

This tried and tested habit is a classic, because it works. In the morning, picking out the right gym wear can feel harder than a HIIT session. Skip the scavenger hunt and pack your gym bag ahead of time. It’ll streamline your morning and act as a visual cue to keep you accountable.

2. Take Time to Warm Up and Wake Up

Going from your mattress to the squat rack within minutes can lead to low-quality workouts. Your body hasn’t physically woken up yet, your muscles will be tight and you’ll be dehydrated. Allocate some extra time in the morning to wake up and warm up with some full body dynamic stretching or yoga routines. You can also use this time for self-care, by reading, writing in a journal or meditating. Performing a morning routine will help you focus, reset and build momentum for the rest of the day.

3. Set multiple alarms

In awe of those serious lifters who deadlift before dawn and wear ‘morning person’ as a medal of honor? Chances are they set multiple alarms to make sure they avoid sleeping in and missing their workout. Set multiple alarms at five minute intervals and give them motivational titles for that AM inspiration. Placing your phone on the other side of the room will also force you to get up and turn it off, as well as help you stay off your phone late at night for a more restful sleep.

4. Prep Your Playlist

Have a playlist of your favourite gym tracks ready to go. Sometimes a good workout playlist is all you need for a surge of morning motivation to encourage you to sacrifice sleep for heavy squats. Activate your inner beast mode with these Ryderwear curated playlists.

5. Visualization

If you’re more of a night owl than a rise & grinder, building a morning workout habit is going to take some work. By visualizing yourself waking up with your alarm going off and heading out the door to crush leg day, you’ll help yourself prepare mentally for your workout, and remove self-doubt. When you visualise the perfect version of your morning, be conscious of your ‘why’. Whether it’s to become a healthier version of yourself or squat three plates, keeping your fitness goals in mind can offer that extra motivation you need!