Top Five Ways to Get Your Steps Up

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You’ve probably heard the phrases “getting enough steps” or “reaching your step goal” being thrown around all the time. You’ve probably also noticed Apple Watch wearers and Garmin enthusiasts posting on social media about it too.  

Whether you’re working in an office, or on Instagram looking at your influencers, you’ll hear it a lot. 

What those phrases are referring to, is a daily step goal that each of us should aim to complete at the end of each day. Study after study has taught us that getting in a substantial amount of movement per day will keep us at our optimal health. This includes roughly 10,000 steps per day. 

While it’s important to do our usual lifting regime, integrating additional steps into your daily routine can help make sure you’re an all-round healthy person.

Why 10k Steps per day? 

Where does that magical number for 10,000 steps come from? It dates back to the 60’s where studies suggested that 10,000 steps was an adequate number to improve overall health. Although there has been evidence to suggest that 10,000 steps is not actually enough, it's a round number that can be used as a guide. If you can, always try to aim for more.  

As lifters we spend most of our time confined to the squat rack looking at gym memes, but even for the most passionate, cardio-hating, calorie-conserving, spin-bike loathing powerlifter, getting a reasonable amount of daily steps is important.

I’ve started tracking my steps and I’m not getting anywhere near this, what should I do?  

If you’re struggling to get in the necessary steps, we’ve compiled a list of habits you can integrate into your life to get those steps in!

  • Get off the train or bus a few stops early 

  • This is an easy way to get your steps in while still living your normal life! Plus you can get to know your neighbourhood better (or find any hidden gyms)! Just make sure it’s safe to do so. 


  • Park further away from the store (or the gym) 

  • If you’re going to do the grocery shopping or some retail therapy, try parking as far away as possible. This way you can clock up your steps and enjoy shopping too. Simple and effective!

  • Take a movement break at work if possible 

  • This could be a walk around the office, car park, or around the block. It’s super important to take breaks while at work, so why not use that time to get some steps in? For those that have desk jobs, standing still all day can make you prone to more injury, giving you sore muscles, back pain, and stiffness. Getting up for movement breaks can reduce those symptoms.

    Not only is it good to get away from the computer physically, but mentally there are plenty of benefits for getting some fresh air too. Taking time to go for a quick walk can be the refresh you need to increase your productivity and creativity, especially at work or if you’re studying. 


  • Take the stairs where possible 

    When possible, avoid using escalators and lifts and give the stairs a go! While the stairs can be a struggle after leg day, they’re a quick way to get your heart rate up, and of course your steps. On the brightside, this can be a way to make up for those accidentally (purposely) missed cardio sessions.  


  • Add an additional walk on the treadmill before or after (or both) your gym workout  

    For us gym lovers, this one should be easier to slide into our regime. Since you’re already there, you might as well take the time to sneak in some extra cardio. You could even try doing it as an extra warm up and cool down. 

    Need some extra gear to get your steps in? We’ve got you covered! Whether you need some Leggings or a Stringer, you can count on us! Find your fit and get your steps up with Ryderwear!