The Hardcore Training Shoe of the Future

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Flylyte Shoes


Serious lifters know the importance of training footwear. They provide your power base, making sure that you stay securely grounded as you go to war with the weights. Now the evolution of the hardcore bodybuilding shoe has arrived . . . Ryderwear’s brand new FLYLYTE lifting shoe is our lightest shoe to date.

High Tech Lightweight

The FLYLYTE retains all of the high-tech training specs of our beloved Dmak range of lifting shoes. Yet, it delivers them in such a comfortable, minimalist style that you’ll feel like you’re actually training in bare feet. That lightweight means that 100 percent of your focus can go into owning your workout rather than being weighed down by your footwear.

Available in 3 colours, the FLYLYTE has been specifically designed for serious weightlifting and gym training while being versatile enough to take to the street. They feature a thick flat rubber sole along with a latex heel for a firm, secure fit. They’ll give you the support that you need to ace your form on squats and deadlifts.

Superior Squats and Deadlifts

These shoes get you lower to the floor, ensuring maximum lockdown and power to help you get greater drive from the ground. The result is more weight lifted, more muscle stimulated and more growth achieved.

They’re Street Smart, Too

The FLYLYTE delivers the quality that you expect from Ryderwear. Made from premium action leather and mesh metallic canvas, these lifting shoes provide superior padded action support and a thick flat sole with latex heel cushioning. The high-top profile retains that street-smart look that you loved about our DMak range.

The FLYLYTE provides maximum ankle support lockdown to provide superior ankle and achilles support and optimized stability and flexibility during your heavy lifts.

The high-quality fabric is extremely lightweight and breathable to provide the ideal level of ventilation, comfort and durability no matter how tough the workout . . . or the wearer.

Don’t Go Barefoot . . .Go FLYLYTE

The brand new FLYLYTE is a super sleek aesthetic training shoe that delivers without weighing you down.

The only thing that should be heavy are your lifts – not your shoes!

FLYLYTE is available in red, white and black Ready to get hold of the lightest lifting shoe ever?

Don’t Go Barefoot . . .


Check out the FLYLYTE range here now.