Unleash Your Inner Animal . . Animal Instincts!

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Some things can’t be taught, some things you're just born with

It’s time to get fierce, ladies!

2019’s hottest fashion trend has arrived – big time!

The all-new Ryderwear Animal Instincts range brings animal print to the gym scene with an amazing 10 bold, daring colourways.

Not only is the collection available in leopard print colourways, BUT we also have the block colour variation of the garment. That’s 10 wild colourways to mix and match for endless combinations. Now you can look cute and fresh every day of the week!

Animal instincts comprises of our best-selling Scrunch bum leggings and Scrunch Bum booty shorts with matching padded sports bras with cheeky keyhole cut out.

This collection is chic, fierce and athletic

 So Many Choices!

With an incredible ten new Animal Instincts color and print options, you’ve got a whole jungle of choices. That means you can mix and match the entire collection to truly bring out your inner animal.

Animal Instincts have been matched with our mega-popular Scrunch Bum Booty Shorts and Tights, along with our most popular adjustable sports bra.

The result?

A fun and functional mix and match collection that allows you to tap into your wild side, unleash the beast and bring the fierce confidence that you were born with to the fore.

Scrunch Bum Goes Animal Wild!


Animal Instincts and Scrunch Bum are the perfect compliment for the gym and for your life.

Our innovative range of Scrunch Bum shorts and leggings deliver the ideal blend of comfort, functionality and fashion.

The unique scrunch bum design will shape and enhance your butt while providing the support you need to power through the most gruelling glute workouts in style.

The secret to the butt enhancing scrunch bum look is the gathered seam that creates a push up effect to showcase your curves to their best effect. That means that, no matter what state your butt is in, scrunch bum will make it look more bootilicious, more bountiful and more bodacious!


Sports Bra + Animal Instincts = Fierce Femininity


The top-selling Ryderwear sports bra has been engineered for performance. We’ve ensured that all of our bras provide the support you need to dramatically reduce bounce and provide firm support.

We’ve also strived to make our sports bras the most comfortable workout tops you’ve ever worn. You don’t want your workout bra to be so tight that it becomes restrictive, or so loose that it fails to deliver the firm hold that you need. With adjustable straps and removable padding, you’re able to customize your fit to perfection.

Our range of fabrics not only look fantastic, they also feel luxuriant against your skin!

Now available in 10 awesome Animal Instinct colorways!

Time to unleash the beast . . .

Animal Instincts are available NOW.

You were born with it . . . satisfy your Animal Instincts to bring out your inner beast TODAY!