What The Flex Episode #18: Antoine Vaillant

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Over ten years in the making. 

For Antoine Vaillant, competing in bodybuilding competitions is his life. It gives him purpose, fulfilment, and something to always aim for.

It all started as a teenager, when Antoine would look through bodybuilder magazines, knowing that he wanted to look like the guys he saw on the pages. 

Fast forward to now and Antoine is on his way to Olympia to compete with the world's best bodybuilders. On this week’s episode, he takes us through his journey to how he got to this point, and what the next 10 week is going to look like for him. 

Even further, Antoine talks about his experience as a drug addict, and how he overcame it by investing his time in competing, rehab, and a complete overhaul of his mindset. 

If you’re needing an uplifting story about perseverance and finding one’s purpose, this is the podcast episode for you!

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