Steps to Creating a Gains-Friendly Workplace

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So you’ve got your exercise routine down. The lifting regime is better than it’s ever been. You’re lifting heavier, smashing PB’s and the progressive overload is on track. Your nutrition is on point and you’re hitting your macros like never before. You’ve even been hitting your micros too!

But there’s just one part of your day that just doesn’t feel quite right. The moment you step into your workspace, all the gym motivation you have drains from your body. By the time your working day is done, your body hurts, your brain is a little foggy, and all you want to do is eat carbs and go to bed. 

Your body is healthy, but it’s your workplace that needs to be healthier. Believe it or not, the space that you work in goes a lot further than just aesthetics. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite things to do, to ensure that you’re living your best life in the office!

Standing desk 


After those heavy leg sessions, your muscles can feel a little tight. This is then made a lot worse when you’re sitting down at a desk all day. This is where a standing desk comes in. The standing desk can assist with alleviating some of the pressure in your body, particularly your back and legs throughout the day. This way you can get back to your gains sooner than ever.  


Standing desks have also shown to potentially improve concentration levels, as well as productivity. Gains for your body, and gains for your mind too!

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As much natural light as possible 

You know that feeling when you go for a walk outside, the natural sun hits your face and everything feels right in the world? Imagine feeling that, but for your entire work day. Setting yourself up near a window can have the added benefits of lifting your mood, productivity, and overall happiness and mental health. If you’re feeling a little foggy, natural light has also shown to help with focus too. Add a little sunshine into your day so that by the time you head to the gym at the end of the day, you’re feeling good as new.  

Office plants 


Get some greenery into your view. A bunch of studies in 2014 showed that having indoor plants led to an increase in productivity, innovation, and concentration levels. Why do plants have this effect? Humans tend to feel more relaxed around plants, as they offer a sense of tranquility.  A bit like how the weights room evokes emotions of happiness, the same thing goes for plants in your office space.   

Reorganise your space, declutter 

A decluttered space can lead to a decluttered mind. You know when you’re at the gym and the free weights room is a mess, with dumbbells all over the place, and it takes away your sense of clarity? The same thing goes for your work space. Make sure you recycle all unnecessary papers on your desks, neatly place cords around your space , and take five minutes of your day to re-organise your space. This should hopefully reduce your stress and help you focus on the tasks at hand. By the time you head to the gym, the only thing you’ll be focusing on is the workout ahead. 

Add some personal items 

Make that space your own! Personalise your desk with photos, candles, and decorations! Pick a few things that bring you joy, and style with your favourite colours. It can be the smallest touch, but it will make your work space that much healthier!

Stock up on nourishing snacks 


3pm hits, and before you know it, you’re searching the entire office for snacks. Especially if you’re a gym-goer at night time, we recommend keeping some nourishing snacks on hand to keep you fueled. We recommend fruit, nuts, rice cakes, protein oats, yogurt, muesli bars, or anything else you love!

Drink water 

Basic, simple, but completely necessary. The success of our working day relies on how we treat our bodies. Hydration is no exception to this. Keep a water bottle on your desk, and set reminders on your phone if you need. 

Make it movement friendly 

Schedule in time to take a walk, whether that’s up and down the stairs, or around the block. Sometimes all we need in our work space is to step away and get some movement. If you’re wondering how to get your steps up throughout your day, we’ve got you covered here