What The Flex Episode #19: Michael Wittig

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Our latest episode on the What The Flex? podcast was a sit down with natural pro bodybuilding champion Michael Wittig. 

Michael’s story is like no other. Bodybuilding wasn’t his first love, instead following his passion for music playing in a Christian rock band. In the podcast Michael discusses the highs and lows of tour life, what it’s like to travel the world while working and being nominated for a Grammy award. During this time, Michael had a family, and knew it was time for a change.

Although it’s daunting to change careers later in life, Michael decided to take a leap of faith. He shifted his focus to getting his nutrition and training in order, becoming a trainer, finding his style of working out, and building a community. In particular, Michael found a love for home training and banded workouts. He then started using his social media channels and article writing to spread his knowledge far and wide. 

But with anything, there are always challenges. In early 2020, Michael was diagnosed with invasive melanoma. Despite this, Michael persevered and decided to still compete. Throughout the episode he talks about mindset, and how it was the key to getting him through those tough times.

This story of strength, bravery and believing in oneself will give you the inspiration you need for this week. Take a listen below or on your favourite streaming platform to learn how to take a leap of faith.